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In 1539, Estevanico was one of four men who accompanied Marcos de Niza as a guide in search of the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, preceding Coronado. When the others were struck ill, Estevanico continued alone, opening up what is now New Mexico and Arizona. He was killed at the Zuni village of Hawikuh in present-day New Mexico. The Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca was the leader of the Narváez expedition of 600 men that between 1527 and 1535 explored the mainland of North America.

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Gonzalo Pizarro, Rebel In The Mountains

When Italy was ransacked by French and Spanish Armies in the early 1500s, most Italian states were easily defeated by armies practicing sporadic-warfare. Aztec and other native peoples practiced an endemic system of warfare as well, and so were easily defeated by Spanish and Portuguese sporadic-warfare armies in the early 1500s. In 1599, the Jivaro destroyed Spanish settlements in eastern Ecuador and killed all the men. The Laws of Burgos, created in 1512–1513, were the first codified set of laws governing the behavior of settlers in Spanish colonial America, particularly with regards to Native Americans. They forbade the maltreatment of indigenous people, and endorsed their conversion to Catholicism. Spanish Formosa was established in Taiwan, first by Portugal in 1544 and later renamed and repositioned by Spain in Keelung conquestador bonus code.

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Infante Dom Henry the Navigator of Portugal, son of King João I, became the main sponsor of exploration travels. Castilian law banned Spanish women from travelling to America unless they were married and accompanied by a husband. Women who travelled thus include María de Escobar, María Estrada, Marina Vélez de Ortega, Marina de la Caballería, Francisca de Valenzuela, Catalina de Salazar. Some conquistadors married Native American women or had illegitimate children. Castilian law prohibited foreigners and non-Catholics from settling in the New World.

After the dissolution of the Iberian Union in 1640, Portugal re-established authority over its lost territories including remaining Dutch controlled areas. The other smaller, less developed areas were recovered in stages and relieved of Dutch piracy in the next two decades by local resistance and Portuguese expeditions. John Maurice of Nassau prince of Nassau-Siegen, was appointed as the governor of the Dutch possessions in Brazil in 1636 by the Dutch West India Company on recommendation of Frederick Henry. He landed at Recife, the port of Pernambuco and the chief stronghold of the Dutch, in January 1637. By a series of successful expeditions, he gradually extended the Dutch possessions from Sergipe on the south to São Luís de Maranhão in the north. Such an outpost far from Europe generally only attracted the most desperate and avaricious, and as such the feeble attempts at Christianization only strained relations with Ternate’s Muslim ruler.

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In 1564, Miguel López de Legazpi was commissioned by the viceroy of New Spain, Luís de Velasco, to explore the Maluku Islands where Magellan and Ruy López de Villalobos had landed in 1521 and 1543, respectively. The expedition was ordered by Philip II of Spain, after whom the Philippines had earlier been named by Villalobos. El Adelantado Legazpi established settlements in the East Indies and the Pacific Islands in 1565. After obtaining peace with various indigenous tribes, López de Legazpi made the Philippines the capital in 1571.

Spanish Exploration

Gonzalo Pizarro, another brother of Francisco Pizarro, rose in revolt, killed viceroy Blasco Núñez Vela and most of his Spanish army in the battle in 1546, and Gonzalo attempted to have himself crowned king. The Age of Exploration was hallmarked in 1519, shortly after Europe’s discovery of the Americas, when Fernando Cortés begins his expedition on the Aztecan Empire. As trading routes over the seas were established by the works of Columbus, Magellan, and Elcano, land support system was established as the trails of Cortés’ conquest to the capital.


Not nice guys, but effective, and the term is still used today to describe certain people — ruthless business types, etc — who are brutally efficient at what they do. The most famous conquistador was the Spanish adventurer, Hernando Cortes, who subdued the mighty Aztec Empire of Mexico. The word comes, not surprisingly, from the Spanish verb conquistar, «to conquer.» Pedro de Valdivia explored Chile, founding the city of Santiago in 1541. The conquistadores, given more to fighting and the search for gold than to governance, were quickly replaced by administrators and settlers from Spain. In Peru, Pizarro found allies against the Inca among recently conquered tribes such as the Cañari.

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The Portuguese in Ambon, however, were regularly attacked by native Muslims on the island’s northern coast, in particular Hitu which had trading and religious links with major port cities on Java’s north coast. Altogether, the Portuguese never had the resources or manpower to control the local trade in spices, and failed in attempts to establish their authority over the crucial Banda Islands, the nearby centre of most nutmeg and mace production. Following Portuguese missionary work, there have been large Christian communities in eastern Indonesia particularly among the Ambonese.

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Known as «Tonatiuh,» or «Sun God» for his blonde hair, Alvarado was Cortés’ most trusted lieutenant, and the one Cortés tasked with exploring and colonizing lands to the south of Mexico. Alvarado found the remnants of the Maya Empire and, using what he had learned from Cortés, soon used local ethnic groups’ mistrust of one another to his advantage. Its prodigious biodiversity, thanks to its volcanic origin and range of microclimates, makes the island of Tenerife a veritable paradise for nature lovers.

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All in all, Atahualpa’s ransom came to 13,000 pounds of gold and twice that much silver. This did not even count the vast treasures taken later when the Inca capital city of Cuzco was looted. Although the vast majority of the conquistadors came from Spain, not all of them did. Many men from other European nations joined the Spanish in their conquest and looting of the New World. For the first time, people discovered the true scale and shape of the earth. We are blasé about the pace of change in our own day, but has history, and our ways of seeing the world, ever moved so fast as it did in the 16th century?

Meanwhile, Alvarado arrived from Guatemala with intent to capture Quito, but he was persuaded to sell his army and ships to Almagro and Pizarro. Later a quarrel between Almagro and Pizarro erupted in 1538 into a civil war, which Pizarro won. It is amazing to think that when Bartolome de las Casas wrote those words in 1542, barely 20 years had passed since the discovery and conquest of the Aztec world in Mexico. It was only three years since the defeat of the Great Revolt of the Incas in the High Andes of Peru. At that moment, in fact, Manco Inca still controlled an independent Inca state in the jungles of Vilcabamba.

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The invasion was a disaster for the Portuguese, with their entire army wiped out by Kandyan guerrilla warfare. In the 17th century, taking advantage of this period of Portuguese weakness, the Dutch occupied many Portuguese territories in Brazil. John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen was appointed as the governor of the Dutch possessions in Brazil in 1637 by the Dutch West India Company.

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The spice trade soon revived but the Portuguese would not be able to fully monopolize nor disrupt this trade. They maintaining trade ports in Congo (M’banza), Angola, Natal (City of Cape Good Hope, in Portuguese «Cidade do Cabo da Boa Esperança»), Mozambique , Tanzania , Kenya to Somalia. The Portuguese following the maritime trade routes of Muslims and Chinese traders, sailed the Indian Ocean. They were on Malabar Coast since 1498 when Vasco da Gama reached Anjadir, Kannut, Kochi and Calicut. The conquistadors who brought down native empires are not highly thought of in the lands they conquered.


Unfortunately, a fire following the 1755 Lisbon earthquake destroyed nearly all of the library’s records, but an extra copy available in Goa was transferred to Lisbon’s Tower of Tombo, during the following 100 years. In the 1620s and 1630s, the Dutch West India Company established many trade posts or colonies. The Spanish silver fleet, which carried silver from Spanish colonies to Spain, were seized by Piet Heyn in 1628. In 1630 the West India Company conquered part of Brazil, and the colony of New Holland (capital Mauritsstad, present-day Recife) was founded. French colonists tried to settle in present-day Rio de Janeiro, from 1555 to 1567, the so-called France Antarctique episode, and in present-day São Luís, from 1612 to 1614 the so-called France Équinoxiale.

«Nau» was the Portuguese archaic synonym for any large ship, primarily merchant ships. Due to the piracy that plagued the coasts, they began to be used in the navy and were provided with cannon windows, which led to the classification of «naus» according to the power of its artillery. It had a high rounded stern with large aftcastle, forecastle and bowsprit at the stem.

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